ARCHIVE: The Ultimate Hero – Smash Bros. x Dragon Quest ‘Hero’ DLC Review

The following piece was written in August 2019, as part of a Staff Writer Job Application. Sadly, I didn’t get the job but here’s my work for prosperity; A review of the then new Smash Bros. DLC Character, Hero from Dragon Quest (as this is review for DLC content, some preexisting knowledge of the game is presumed).

A new Challenger draws near, with sword and shield in hand, and more than a few tricks up their sleeve…

Released on 31st July, ‘Hero’ from Square Enix’s Dragon Quest series joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as the second DLC Fighter. In typical Smash Bros. style, Nintendo announced a video presentation with series creator and director, Masahiro Sakurai on the 30th, which promised to reveal the release date of said Hero… less than 24 hours later, he was in our hands.

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A Year of Platinum Sound – Headset Review

Playstation Platinum Wireless Headset 12 Month Review

This time last year, I celebrated a milestone birthday as I turned 30 years old. I hardly consider that ‘elderly’, but I was asked if there was an extra special gift I might like to mark the occasion…

Earlier in 2018, I splashed out on PlayStation VR, a toy I’m still fairly obsessed with today. With Move Controllers, a great carry case, and a stack of quality titles, the one thing missing from my otherwise brilliant virtual reality was decent sound. I’d been making do with a pair of standard stereo Cowin E7 Headphones, but these were only a short term solution. Not only that, I knew the overall look of the VR Headset was incomplete. Sure, I can’t see myself playing while in VR, that doesn’t stop me from needing to be observed as the supreme oligarch of gaming I really am. How will anyone know how seriously I take my hobby unless I’m draped head to toe in matching branding and eye popping logos? This is just one of the reasons I chose to cash in my 30th for Sony PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset (PPWH).

Having used this Headset for almost 12 months, I feel I’m in a good position to provide a ‘living’ review of all its features, and report to the world just how successful an accessory they are.

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