AKIRA Sega Prototype – Let’s Play Video

Digital archivists, Hidden Palace, released the fabled AKIRA prototype for Sega Mega Drive on 25th December 2019. Now, with their Project Lunar Modded MD Mini, Graeme and Alex play through every stage in the game and discuss the would be adaptation. Click to watch!

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SEGA AGES Shinobi – Video Review

The Arcade original Shinobi has arrived on Nintendo Switch, in the 14th instalment of M2’s Sega Ages series. Check out all this latest port has to offer, with additional features including replays, rewinds and new difficulty options. Click to watch! …

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PC Engine / Turbografx 16 Mini Video Preview!!

This week, Graeme and Ben got to try out the PC Engine Core Grafx Mini (identical to the Turbograpx 16 Mini)!! Featuring 50 games, plus 7 regional variants, Konami’s entry into the Mini Console market looks to offer a wide range of games not previously seen in Europe! The PC Engine Core Grafx Mini releases 19th March, exclusively on Amazon (£99.99 RRP)

Check out all the pros and cons we noticed and feel free to ask any questions here…

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Snow Bros. – Fossil Arcade Christmas Special Video

IT’S CHRISTMAS!! Graeme and Alex spend the festive day together playing Snow Bros., one of their favourites from the Japanese Mega Drive Mini. So, grab your hot chocolate, a couple of mince pies and get comfy for some classic retro gaming! Click to view…

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Fossil Arcade Podcast #02 – Sonic CD Head-to-Head Soundtracks

With two musical scores, from Japan and the US, Sonic CD has more quality tracks than most games could hope for. But which set is better? Graeme & Ben pit the two against each other, to settle which is best!
Inspired by the recent Sonic CD Vinyl release, from Data-Discs.
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Mega Drive Mini, Random Selection Let’s Play (Part 1 & 2) – Video

Fossil Arcade checked out the new Mega Drive/Genesis Mini! Equipped with both the European and Japanese versions, Alex and Graeme employ RANDOM SELECTION to help dig through the 70+ SEGA Classics on offer.

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SONIC CD – Video

Alex and Graeme take a trip into the world of Compact Discs, with Sonic CD for the Mega CD (and Sega CD)! The exploration focused, highly melodic, time bending… masterpiece?

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DATA-DISCS Sonic CD Vinyl Release

This morning I finally got my hands on Data-Discs’ latest Video Game Vinyl offering, Sonic CD of Mega CD fame.

Of course, the recurring joke here will be that the CD quality audio which made Sega’s CD add-on for the Mega Drive so attractive is now available on Vinyl Record…

This release includes just the Japanese/European soundtrack. As many Sonic aficionados will already know, Sonic CD released with a totally different set of music in North America. The reasons for this are not entirely clear, though American composer Spencer Nilsen has stated the Japanese score simply wasn’t to Sega of America’s tastes, I’d like to know some more detail some day. Why Data-Discs didn’t compile the entire dual-soundtrack together in one release is also a mystery. Doing so means the classic ‘Sonic Boom’ anthem is sadly not included (‘You Can Do Anyhting’ by Keiko Utoku is also missing which is more than OK). That being said, you get a lot of bang for your buck here!

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Fixing ‘Mashing’ in our Wonder Boy Let’s Play – Behind the Scenes

‘Mashing’ is a very important ingredient in the gameplay of Wonder Boy in Monster Land, but showcasing that in our latest Fossil Arcade video wasn’t easy…

Making a Let’s Play on the SEGA AGES Wonder Boy in Monster Land port was a bit of an experiment for us. There was nothing revolutionary about the format, but having recently moved house, Alex and I wanted to quickly make a video in the new shooting environment (my living room), so any kinks or issues that came up could be cleaned up before any real money got put into new, proper episodes of Fossil Arcade.

Unexpected hours of editing incoming…

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