Game Room Diary #3 – Waiting Game

While the game room is coming together faster than first expected, I’ve also found myself just waiting around for a bit. During the past couple of weeks I built some more flatpack (from IKEA), and then prepared the room for an exciting sofa delivery…

The new IKEA item is a FJÄLLBO Shelving Unit that I’m hoping the repurpose as a TV Unit -if wall mounting isn’t an option. This’ll give the TV a heighten position, which’ll pair well with the upcoming couch, whether it ends up mounted or not. I really like the idea of have two shelves below the TV for active consoles plus the concealed storage below, however, the grated design of FJÄLLBO’s cupboards would let you place consoles inside and negate any overheating issues.

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Game Room Diary #2 – Functional Flatpack

Slow progress continues in the Game Room. Curtain pole went up this weekend, although the curtains we ordered… were the wrong size. Still, it’s fun to drill holes in things, even if you end up making a few mistakes.

More excitingly, the first piece of real furniture arrived. It’s what’s called a Modena Double Lifting Coffee Table, from Dunelm … meaning it’s a table with a lid for storage. Lucy cleared the room for us to build it, but the approximated construction time turned from two hours into almost four when I fitted the opening compartments incorrectly, twice.

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A Year of Platinum Sound – Headset Review

Playstation Platinum Wireless Headset 12 Month Review

This time last year, I celebrated a milestone birthday as I turned 30 years old. I hardly consider that ‘elderly’, but I was asked if there was an extra special gift I might like to mark the occasion…

Earlier in 2018, I splashed out on PlayStation VR, a toy I’m still fairly obsessed with today. With Move Controllers, a great carry case, and a stack of quality titles, the one thing missing from my otherwise brilliant virtual reality was decent sound. I’d been making do with a pair of standard stereo Cowin E7 Headphones, but these were only a short term solution. Not only that, I knew the overall look of the VR Headset was incomplete. Sure, I can’t see myself playing while in VR, that doesn’t stop me from needing to be observed as the supreme oligarch of gaming I really am. How will anyone know how seriously I take my hobby unless I’m draped head to toe in matching branding and eye popping logos? This is just one of the reasons I chose to cash in my 30th for Sony PlayStation Platinum Wireless Headset (PPWH).

Having used this Headset for almost 12 months, I feel I’m in a good position to provide a ‘living’ review of all its features, and report to the world just how successful an accessory they are.

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DATA-DISCS Sonic CD Vinyl Release

This morning I finally got my hands on Data-Discs’ latest Video Game Vinyl offering, Sonic CD of Mega CD fame.

Of course, the recurring joke here will be that the CD quality audio which made Sega’s CD add-on for the Mega Drive so attractive is now available on Vinyl Record…

This release includes just the Japanese/European soundtrack. As many Sonic aficionados will already know, Sonic CD released with a totally different set of music in North America. The reasons for this are not entirely clear, though American composer Spencer Nilsen has stated the Japanese score simply wasn’t to Sega of America’s tastes, I’d like to know some more detail some day. Why Data-Discs didn’t compile the entire dual-soundtrack together in one release is also a mystery. Doing so means the classic ‘Sonic Boom’ anthem is sadly not included (‘You Can Do Anyhting’ by Keiko Utoku is also missing which is more than OK). That being said, you get a lot of bang for your buck here!

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Dragon Quest XI S Demo Impressions

Recently, Square Enix released an eShop demo of the long awaited Nintendo Switch port of Dragon Quest XI S.

Having not played the PlayStation 4 release a couple of years ago, or any Dragon Quest games at all for that matter, I was really excited to try it out.

Despite my lack of familiarity with DQ, I am aware of it’s ‘classical or… antiquated stylings. As a grandfather of the RPG genre, the game design deliberately holds on to hallmarks and traditionalisms which have helped maintain the series’ popularity in Japan. While that’s all well and good for nostalgic sound effects or recurring monster designs, the late 90s feeling character control and silent protagonist are the kind of retro elements that I can do without. Of course, this had a large influence on my opinion.

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Fixing ‘Mashing’ in our Wonder Boy Let’s Play – Behind the Scenes

‘Mashing’ is a very important ingredient in the gameplay of Wonder Boy in Monster Land, but showcasing that in our latest Fossil Arcade video wasn’t easy…

Making a Let’s Play on the SEGA AGES Wonder Boy in Monster Land port was a bit of an experiment for us. There was nothing revolutionary about the format, but having recently moved house, Alex and I wanted to quickly make a video in the new shooting environment (my living room), so any kinks or issues that came up could be cleaned up before any real money got put into new, proper episodes of Fossil Arcade.

Unexpected hours of editing incoming…

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