Game Room Diary #3 – Waiting Game

While the game room is coming together faster than first expected, I’ve also found myself just waiting around for a bit. During the past couple of weeks I built some more flatpack (from IKEA), and then prepared the room for an exciting sofa delivery…

The new IKEA item is a FJÄLLBO Shelving Unit that I’m hoping the repurpose as a TV Unit -if wall mounting isn’t an option. This’ll give the TV a heighten position, which’ll pair well with the upcoming couch, whether it ends up mounted or not. I really like the idea of have two shelves below the TV for active consoles plus the concealed storage below, however, the grated design of FJÄLLBO’s cupboards would let you place consoles inside and negate any overheating issues.

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Game Room Diary #2 – Functional Flatpack

Slow progress continues in the Game Room. Curtain pole went up this weekend, although the curtains we ordered… were the wrong size. Still, it’s fun to drill holes in things, even if you end up making a few mistakes.

More excitingly, the first piece of real furniture arrived. It’s what’s called a Modena Double Lifting Coffee Table, from Dunelm … meaning it’s a table with a lid for storage. Lucy cleared the room for us to build it, but the approximated construction time turned from two hours into almost four when I fitted the opening compartments incorrectly, twice.

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Samurai Shodown! 2 Nintendo Switch – Video Review

Anyone that pre-purchased Samurai Shodown (2019) on Nintendo Switch will have received Samurai Shodown! 2 free! This fresh port of SNK’s NeoGeo Pocket Fighter comes with a lot more samurai slashing extras than you’d expect… Click to watch!

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Samurai Shodown Nintendo Switch – Video Review

2019’s Samurai Shodown reboot has arrived on Nintendo Switch, including 17 Characters for all the feudal sword striking action you’ll ever need! We cover all the ups and downs of this port from the legendary Fighting Game franchise.

Click to watch…

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Fossil Arcade Podcast #05 – Video Game Sound-a-Likes Quiz 2

We’re back with another video game music sound-a-like quiz!! Some games sound like pop music, some pop music sounds like games?! Play along as Alex and Ben go head-to-head answering all of Graeme’s tricky sound-a-like examples.

Click here for the YouTube version…

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AKIRA Sega Prototype – Let’s Play Video

Digital archivists, Hidden Palace, released the fabled AKIRA prototype for Sega Mega Drive on 25th December 2019. Now, with their Project Lunar Modded MD Mini, Graeme and Alex play through every stage in the game and discuss the would be adaptation. Click to watch!

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C64 California Games – Let’s Play Video

As chosen by Fossil Arcade viewers in our early December 2019 Poll, Alex and Graeme play through California Games on ‘THE C64’. Check out every event: Skateboarding, Foot Bag, Surfing, Roller Skating, BMX Racing and Flying Disk – in the Commodore 64 version from 1987!! Click to view…

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SEGA AGES Shinobi – Video Review

The Arcade original Shinobi has arrived on Nintendo Switch, in the 14th instalment of M2’s Sega Ages series. Check out all this latest port has to offer, with additional features including replays, rewinds and new difficulty options. Click to watch! …

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PC Engine / Turbografx 16 Mini Video Preview!!

This week, Graeme and Ben got to try out the PC Engine Core Grafx Mini (identical to the Turbograpx 16 Mini)!! Featuring 50 games, plus 7 regional variants, Konami’s entry into the Mini Console market looks to offer a wide range of games not previously seen in Europe! The PC Engine Core Grafx Mini releases 19th March, exclusively on Amazon (£99.99 RRP)

Check out all the pros and cons we noticed and feel free to ask any questions here…

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