Progear FULL LET’S PLAY – Video

It’s episode four of our Capcom Home Arcade series, where Alex and Graeme FINALLY play Progear! Watch the complex combo system go completely ignored, as we brute-force our way to the finish thanks to unflinching use of free play. As always, the episode concludes with a head-to-head round of Street Fighter II to determine the next game… Click to view.

Progear – CPS2 010117

Time codes:
Stage 1 [Captain Ballossum Pence] – 01:18
Stage 2 [Ambassador Gabriel Hammer] – 03:55
Stage 3 [Secretary General Jimchuck Spanner] – 07:19
Stage 4 [General Olsorro Slasher] – 09:14
Stage 5 [President Leonard Drill] – 13:55

Street Fighter II Head-to-Head – 23:05


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