Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo SECRET CHARACTERS UNLOCKED – Video

In the second Gameplay Video from the Capcom Home Arcade, Alex and Graeme dive into Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo!! Featuring characters from Street Fighter and Darkstalkers, the incredibly cute art style hides one of the deepest competitive puzzle games out there. Learn about the ‘pattern mechanics’ and stay tuned for the hidden boss characters!! Click to view…

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo – 960620 CPS2
Sound – Q Sound (4 MHz)

Noritaka Funamizu
Takashi Sado

Naoto Ohta
Katsuhiro Eguchi

Arcade Mode – 00:00
Morrigan vs. Ken – 05:15
Donovan vs. Chun-Li – 12:44
Secret Character 1 & 2 – 16:59
Secret Character 3 – 23:08

Street Fighter II Head-to-Head – 32:40

Original Music composed by Ben MR Hall / Cassette Box:

Capcom Home Arcade provided by Koch Media. This video features no sponsored or paid endorsement.


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