Alien vs. Predator – Full Let’s Play Video

Alex and Graeme take the Capcom Home Arcade for a spin, playing Alien vs. Predator (based on the hit Comic Book Series) from start to finish! This is the first time the game has been available ‘in the home’. See all four characters in action (Major “Dutch” Schaefer, Lieutenant Linn Kurosawa, and Predator Warrior & Hunter) and every stage, including the final battle. Click continue to view…

Round 1 – City of Despair – 01:48
Round 2 – War in the Underpass 04:25
Round 3 – Forced Assault – 08:30
Round 4 – Assault on a Queen – 09:35
Round 5 – Secrets – 16:11
Round 6 – Nightmare in the Lab – 20:43
Round 7 – Hunt’s End – 28:30

Street Fighter II Head-to-Head – 45:00

Alien vs. Predator – CPS2 940520
CPU – Motorola 68000 (16 MHz)
Sound – Q Sound (4 MHz)

Capcom Home Arcade provided by Koch Media. This video features no sponsored or paid endorsement.


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